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Monday, September 3, 2012

Holla-Rado- Colorado Trip!

Sano Hirofumi back foot kick off ollie

Sano Hirofumi

North Glen, CO Skatepark

North Glen, CO Skatepark

ShokoPuff and Joy Mee

Sano Hirofumi Backside bluntslide FS blunt in...

Memorial Mini Ramp Party in honor of Jeremiah Brooks 

Angel Ramirez Backside Noseblunt

Hiro Frontside Blunt!

JG Mazzotta

Adam Mahler

Wheatridge Skatepark

Wheatridge Skatepark 2

Jason Mckean

Shoko Puff at Wheatridge

Stopped in at Colorado Springs to find a contest going on. I shot one sequence and called it a day.

Shoko Puff air express

Hiro FS Grab

Chris Sessions hop up and 5.0 Grind around

Chris Sessions at Lafayette Skatepark

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