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Saturday, September 8, 2012

CT Trip

With all the hype around Skateparks of CT these days, I figured it was time for a road trip to find out for myself. Here is some photos of what went down. I actually spent a whole lot more time filming on this trip than shooting photos. Video to follow soon!
Backside flip over the hip at my first stop on the trip by Nori Noji!

Map of travels

Sano Hirofumi found a fun barrel ride

Bradical goes buck for NJ Skateshop

Sano Hirofumis Pops a lofter over the hip and into the bowl area!

Bradical backside boneless at Peckham Skatepark...

Nori Noji needs to join the circus!

Nori Noji at Hunter Daniels...


Hiro approves of Willamantic's layout and lines!


Do! Blunt Fakie, Nori Noji!

I can see what he is thinking already... MEEEE likieEEEE

Backside Noseblunt

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