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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Finally I got off my ass and did another blog update! Shoko and I went to our Friend Sean's house for his Grad Party! Sean's family provided mad booze, great food and even Icy treat's. Sean and his girlfriend also worked hard throughout the day preparing a new 3.5' by 16' wide mini ramp for the festivities! 
Photos by Shoko and Eric
Videos by Shoko

Big Luke Dog and Me co-chilling!

Table full of shots and happy campers partying down!

Crew down!

Sean and Cedric both graduated recently! ...

Plenty of Ice Creamy Gelato style stuff to go around! I've been told the Lemon Ice was the bomb-digity!

These guys brand plenty of rad food for the hungry people.

New Mini ramp!

Brandon getting Jiggy on the Mini Ramp!

I got a line, barely...

Cedric got something!!!

Big Luke-Dog clip!!!

BJ get's clips!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tribute Skateboards, Brent Atchley Cruiser... with Josh Beaudry!!!

Hung out with Josh Beaudry from Tribute the other day at Thompson Square the other day! He brang out the Brent Atchley Model, Tribute Skateboards cruiser! Get one at your finer NY/NJ/CT or other skate shops now! 

Ghetto filmed 360 flip on the cruiser, Josh Rips!

5Boro/ Standard Demo Weekend...

Shoko, Rita Redding @ Ginger made it out!

5Boro Crew rail warm ups

Pensyl chose a more creative avenue to skate the rail!

5Boro,Dan Pensyl

Willie Approves...

Willie & Danny

Jimmy McDonald back Lip

Jimmy McDonald Switch Backtail

5boro- SW Back Tail

Monday, July 4, 2011

Photo from 2007 Toebock Camping trip

Old Camping photo I shot! Always liked it and figured I would share!!! ha ha.. peace...