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Sunday, December 18, 2011

House of Van's Coat Drive!

House of Van's thru a coat drive to provided jackets to the underprivileged of NYC. Around 500 coat's were donated.

My good friend Kris Qua and his son COOP, came down to donate and skate the festivities.

Coop Qua and Shoko Nakatsuji

Dillion and Des!

Colorado Team Toe guys showed up as well...

Pier Locals Frank Nicado and Mega-Slayer cruised around in the bowl for some agression sessions

Pat Hoblin got some lines!

Dillion Constantine Crail in the bowl

Jahmal Williams Back Tail!

While waiting for the coat drive best trick I checked in with the Van's chefs. The dou provided Meatballs of the Vegan variety and other food related items...

The kids lined up to watch the best trick over the jackets go down!

Mike Levin made healflip backside 180 over the moat of coats.

When it came down to the money shot and a free year's supply of Van's shoes, NJ Skateshop team rider Dillion Constantine took it home with a Heal-shove over the Moat of Coats.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tampa AM-

Words: Luca Sumberac
Photos: Eric Guizzetti

Aubey Taylor
Fakie Flip 
   This years Tampa-Am marked the 18th anniversary of the event and the 19th anniversary of The Skate Park of Tampa. The best ams from all over the world came to Tampa to shred the park, chill with homies, and party is up. Thursday marked the first day of Tampa Am with over 200 skateboarders checking in from all over the world. Some coming from places as far as Israel and China.

Curren Caples
Blunt Fakie
Red Bell Vert Ramp
On Thursday after everyone was checked in and set there was an awesome party at the skatepark. The party consisted of free drinks and an epic bowl jam that made it one of the craziest parties ever!

Also, don't forget to see the battle for entry fee's here. Luca Sumberac of NJ Skateshop versus Ryan Clements for all access passes!

    Friday was the official start of the contest. 117 skaters skated with the top 16 moving on and the first place skater automatically advancing to the finals. Fridays Golden ticket went to Shawn Hale and Saturday's went to Evan Smith. After a long day of shredding the guys at the SPOT had a 19th anniversary party  at the Orpheum, down in Ybor City, with Dr. Octagon performing for the crowd. The party was going off and hit another level when Kool Keith took the stage, Kool Keith, even made a last second state dive that left the crowd in awe. Sunday saw the top 37 guys go into the semi-finals with the top 10 guys advancing to the finals, and what is final it was. Everyone was going off, but ultimately it was Trevor Colden edging out Luke Hamton for the win. Trevor, with his perfect run and awesome trick selection become the 2011 Tampa Am! Congrats to Luke Hampton with his second place win and Evan Smith for taking third. After the contest and awards everyone headed over to The Bricks of Ybor for the Damn Am awards. 
Eathon Loy
EThe Party marked a great ending to an even greater weekend. The Tampa-Am has proven once again that the best contest's are the skater-run contests. Big thanks to everyone who competed, all the sponsors and the guys at SPOT for putting on such a great event. Can't wait to go back next year.  

More Photos to come!!! Next Blog Post!   

Tampa, Florida- Day One.

My trip to Tampa AM this year was nothing short of amazing. I was up at 5:00 AM on Wednesday Dec. 30th, up early and rearing to get through my 3 hour Jet Blue flight. The anticipation was killing me and I was excited to eat, drink, skate, see old friends and make new ones. My first stop out of the plane was The Bricks of Ybor (

The Bricks of Ybor.

Everyone at the Bricks did a nice job of decorating and also getting ready for Xmas.

As I walked up to the door, I noticed one of the Bartenders getting ready for the crowd with a welcome sign... Everyone seem to be teeming with excitement!

I didn't actually shoot anything the first day. So I decided to give you a preview sequence of day 2. Tommy Flynn from Stereo Skateboards. Backside Nose blunt down the Bigger Tampa Rail.

Tommy Fynn-
 Backside Nose blunt
Click on Sequence
for animation.