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Monday, August 20, 2012

Red Bull Manny Mania 2012 NYC- Day two- finals

With an outstanding presentation and an over abundantly canny knack for balace, Joey Brezenski made history in the skateboarding world today with a second Manny Mania  win in two years. This makes Joey's 4th Manny Mania victory since its inception 6 years ago.  
Joey Brezenski takes the gold!

Sewa Kroetkov (Holland) & Hirofumi Sano (Japan)
This year's competition was tuff to beat with former,  Red Bull PRO, Manny Mania Winners Ronnie Creager and Brandon Biebel along with the 2011 Red Bull AM, Manny Mania winner, Sewa Kroetkov from Holland. 

Danny Falla- 5boro Skateboards
Sewa Kroetkov was invited back to Manny Mania due to his win last year.  His skills set is no joke with Hard flip and 360 flip nosewheelies on lock! Sewa has proven himself as a major  threat at Manny Mani to any competitor seeking the gold belt.  This year entering as an AM, he unseated a large handful of pro's and landed in second with the Silver Belt at Manny Mania.
Local Pro Skateboarder Danny Falla of 5boro Skateboards was another huge standout this year. Danny came out strong with back tail to nose-wheelie down the hubba obstacle. 

Danny Falla 5boro Skateboards
 In the end it came down to Joey, Brandon and Sewa battling it out for the Pro Gold Manual Mania belt. Joey took gold with so many amazing combos, Brandon took 2nd with Nollie backside flip to switch nose manual and Sewa took 3rd with 360 flip nose-wheelie and Hard-flip nosewheelie nollie flip out. In amazing turn of avents, so much went down, my head was actually spinning near the end of the day. Mad thanks goes out to Red Bull for putting on a solid event and Steve Rodriguez for putting it all together and promoting it. In all the evolution of what skateboarding has become, just remember one key Phrase, support your local skateshop...

For more precise information about RED Bull Manny Mania, click here...

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Danny Falla gets interviewed by, long time, friend and Queens NY resident Rodney Torres
Converse and WESC Eli Reed was in the house!
Chris Nieratko of NJ Skateshop throwing down his favorite flavor! Check out NJ Skateshops page and buy a tshirt!
Kenny Anderson
Kenny Anderson nice backside noseblunt slide!
Zered Bassett
Zered Basset sw/crook to nose wheelie! 
R.B. Umali filmer, NYC native!
Rob Campbell from After Midnight Skateboards
Rodney Torres wears many hats, Judge, TV personality and owner of Torro Skateboards
No one ever needs question who this is. Blind Skateboards, Ronnie Creager... on of the best ever!
Alex Carolino , DC shoes, sw-flip, sw-manual, sw-flip... WOW...
Austin Gillete of Habitat Skateboards, smith up, out and over to manual...
Brandon Biebel

Brandon Biebel took 3rd with amazing footwork like this Nollie backside flip fakie manual 180 out.
Joey Brezinski with his 2nd straight win in a row out of 4 with half cab kickflip to frontside board fakie. Now if the photographer would pay more attention...
Marty Morawski frontside 180 ollie to switchnose wheelie around the corner
Walker Ryan of Organika skateboards  ollie up, nosewheelie to nollie flip out...

Red Bull Manny Mania Pro Final Results:              

Sunday, August 19th, 2012
1. Joey Brezinski
2. Sewa Kroetkov
3. Brandon Biebel
4. Ronnie Creager
5. Joao Pedro “JP” Dantas
6. Torey Pudwill
7. Eli Reed
8. Marty Murawski
9. Walker Ryan
10. Danny Falla
11. Alex Caronio
12. Joe Tookmanian
13. Austyn Gillette
14. Zered Bassett
15. Malcolm Watson
16. Kenny Hoyle
17. Ryan Decenzo
18. Bruno Ageuno
19. Derek Fukuhara
20. Andrew Cannon
21. Ron Deily
22. Richard Angelides
23. Steve Nesser
24. Ryan Gallant
25. Kenny Anderson
26. Danny Supa

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Red Bull Manual Mania- NYC 2012- Day One!

Redbull Manual Mania, NYC 2012- Day One

Hirosumi Sano showing his love for NY Skateboarding !!!

Jefferson Pang of DC shoes was one of the two announcers that day.

and Dave Ortiz of Daves Wearhouse was the other.

Josh Stewart was in the house...

Chris Nieratko showed me one of his 5 famous poses. Check Chris out at NJ Skateshop or in the Skateboard Mag or King Shit Magazine for funny interviews.

The Official RED BULL judges!!!

Joey Brezinski Inward varial heelflip manual Healflip shuvit out....

Sewa Kroetkov from Holland Hard Flip Nose Wheelie Nollie Flip out...

Jermias Delgado Switch Nose Manual FS Half Cab out

Douwe Macare Fakie Flip SW/Manual SW/180 out

Monday, August 13, 2012

August weekend w/Sano Hirosumi, 5boro, Stereo Skateboards and NJ Skateshop!

I picked up Sano Hirosumi Saturday morning at the new LES Skatepark in NYC. We shot a quick sequence before bouncing to the 5boro contest. Info on the LES skatepark here.

Hiro enjoying some good ole American Pizza courtesy of 5boro, Volcom and Homage Skateshop.

5boro AM Jordan Trahan popping a lofty ollie over the garbage can into the bank while Shoko N. Guizzetti watching comfortably from her camping chair!!! Check out Jordan Trahan's TSW check out here.

Danny Falla, 5boro Pro Flip-Kick Nose-Wheelie

Big time bummer that the lazy photographer forgot to bring extra camera batteries and his camera died 1/2 way threw shooting photos. A super blown sequence by me, but this kid popped it so nice I had to put it up.

5boro & Homage Skateshop bought out the Ice Cream Lady for all!

Shoko enjoying the skate jam!

NJ Skateshop Owners Chris and Steve hanging out at the Stereo Skateboards demo

Jason Lee signing autographs

Chris Pastras handing out poster for kids to get signed.

Kyle Leeper looking very model like with the Stereo sunglass and Tshirt combo

Tony Karr B-side air to tail.

Sully the Stereo TM guy!

Christian Maalouf

Christian Maalouf backside noseblunt

Raymond Mulinar with Ginger "the Ninja" Guizzetti... Check out Raymonds blog here..

Clint Peterson 540 ollie ballerina spin for the win!

Clint Peterson exhausted from the heat of trial and error.

Hiro planting some Toebock Stickers. Get yours here

Sano Hirosumi blunt fakie, Edison Skatepark after session