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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fw: IMG00003-20100226-1515.jpg

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mountain Creek Bowl!

It's funny when you move somewhere and hear about the rumored spot. My friend sent me this link awhile ago so I figured I should check it out.

I contacted Ray Sunwoo and he set up a nice little crew and we headed up to shred the bowl! In tow was Ray Sunwoo, Brian Martin, Luca Sumberac, Brandon Gregurovic, Lee and Myself.

The trip was set up for early morning Saturday, 2/10/2010. Lee rode the train in from New York and I jumped on from Jersey City. From Hoboken we decided on a Taxi to Brian Martin's house.

While waiting for Brian to show up, Lee and I took in some New York Skyline action. Luckily I brought along my little Canon D10 to somewhat document our trip.

I really liked these bushes and hope you do as well.

Brian, a dog trainer by trade, had to let the dogs run and urinate pre mission.

Ray Ended up driving himself up and met us there.

I figured this was a good change to test the D10's video capability.

Luca Sumberac approves!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ben Wooton-Kosmic Vomit!!!

In utter desperation for a skate spark, I decided to hit up the TEam Toe Site for some morning viewing. I had no choice but to share my findings with the world. To those of you who don't know him... Ben Wooton! Check it...

Oh yeah and what about the Crack Nollie down 10... WTF?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Skateballs! A day in Tacoma with Adam, Aaron and Tom!

Another Team Toebock Joint!

Tom came up from LA to film with Aaron Artis. Tom did some HD filming with a Nikon D90 on a Mono Pod set up. Pretty sick!

TM Adam Crew rolled over to get some VX footage!

Aaron hucked a couple of nice kick-flips over this driveway gap in Tacoma.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New York, New Jersey, New Life!

My first couple of un-employeed weeks were spent skating Edison with Jay Redding and Don La...

Paul Sewell came out from the West Coast. Adam and Myself hooked up and skated with him a bit... Check out his Toebock Page here...

I randomly ran into my good friend Van in the street and she told me Brent Atchley would be in-town at the Autumn Bowl.

I decided to cruise over to the Autumn Bowl and say hello, check out some hesh action...

Heard through the grapevine Silas was coming to town. Got hyped to hook up and skate Slayerville Park with him and the Habitat Guys. A Crew, Brendan and Myself rallied over to meet up with Silas and crew.

After shooting some photos of Silas and shredding up the park we headed to Fred's warehouse for some Pink Lemonade and Apple Cider refreshers...

Was spending allot of evening's at Hoboken Skatepark.

Video By my wonderful girlfriend Susan...

Then I found Fairfield, CT park. Alas Winter has hit the greater New York area.

Orange Bowl Ramp