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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Habitat at the Gardener Pool, by Shoko Guizzetti

We met up with the Habitat guys at the Zumiez Couch tour. I was so busy chatting up old friends that Shoko decided to shoot photos to archive the visit. I dropped my G12 in her hands and this is what she captured.

                                          Couch Tours are pretty popular!

Adam raided the Zumiez tour bus and came out on top!

Brennan Conroy, Joe Brooks, Eric Guizzetti, Silas Baxter-Neal.

SkateJawn Crail!

Daryl Angel was impressed.

Joe Brook getting some video!

Gardener Pool

Posse was in effect!

Silas Slashing

Silas FS

 Silas Front Side 5.0 slasher. See more in upcoming Team Toe Edit

Thug Life! Eric Guizzetti & Joe Brooks!

Thanks to Shoko for pictures and video! Thanks to Zumiez for picking up the Tab! Peace out!

6-28-2011- Adam Crew, Eric Guizzetti, Paul Sharpe, Coung Lieng, ShokoPuff

Kate's Joint with Shoko Guizzetti, Eric Guizzetti, Adam Crew, Josh Beaudry, Paul Sharpe & Coung Lieng

Paul, Adam & Cuong triples!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Go Skateboarding DAy! June 21- NYC

June 21, 2011, Go Skateboarding Day! First stop of the day, Chelsea Pier's Skatepark! Stopped into to see the locals and grab a photo with Ryan Monahan in the bowl!

As you can see, the park was relatively empty, so I spent 10 minutes shooting photos and an hour skating!

Next stop was Brooklyn for he Go Skate Day event at Mccarren Park! I showed up just in time for the Red Bull/5Boro Long Ollie Contest!

                                              Fist siting, the road into the park blocked off by the Red Bull super vehicle.                                              

Red Bull Command center and DJ center

Steve R. Lining up all the guys for the Long Ollie Contest!

5Boro's own Willie Aker's attended to help Promote!

Security Holding back the massive crowd of spectators. 

Poked Ass ollie over 21 boards!!!

When all said and Done Luis rolled away with the $1,000 in Cash.


What is a Go Skateboarding Day without a product toss!!!

Mccarren Park Bluntslide, Unknown dude!

JP and I wondering who is gonna clean up this huge mess from Go Skate Day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Go Skateboarding Day and Wampum Grand Opening! June 21st!

Osiris Demo!

Adam Crew, Shoko and I attended an Osiris Demo put on by Matt Gilbert and Skate Brooklyn Skate Shop. I didn't bring my camera and only came away with one photo and a quick clip.

Shoko, Corey Duffel, Ginger and Myself... Talking about old times on the Far Coast!

Adam Crew & Caswell Berry Fakie Flip over curb!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Ray Sunwoo- Hoboken-

Last night I hung out with Ray Sunwoo at Hoboken Park. I decided to test my Iphone video optics. Here is a quick run Ray laid down for the Iphone test!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maloof Money Cup 2011!!!

2011 Maloof Money Cup. I can't lie, I only spent about 3 hours watching! But here is a preview of some clips....

CJ from 5boro...

see CJ crook the BIG rail!

Andrew Langi 360 flip!

David Reyes back 50/50

Ben Hatchell Feebs

Maloof Kevin Romar


         BRIAN SCHAFFER, infamous announcer pose!

Bryan, Ross, Lee, Ray & Shoko! 


Ben Hatchell... FF flip

Greg Smith, getting his film on!

Jeff Pang throwing out product to the masses

Lee Obrien!, Why so serious?

Louie Lopez must be one of the nicest kids around. He kept stopping and to provide grueling fan's with the much coveted autograph.

Serious Ass Kicking time!

The rail that is!

Ray thought the front feeb's was dope!

Now this guy can shoot! I think this must be what Canon meant by Powershot!

Big Ass Ollie, David Reyes divvies it up!

The instructor, sensei, teacher!