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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maloof Money Cup 2011!!!

2011 Maloof Money Cup. I can't lie, I only spent about 3 hours watching! But here is a preview of some clips....

CJ from 5boro...

see CJ crook the BIG rail!

Andrew Langi 360 flip!

David Reyes back 50/50

Ben Hatchell Feebs

Maloof Kevin Romar


         BRIAN SCHAFFER, infamous announcer pose!

Bryan, Ross, Lee, Ray & Shoko! 


Ben Hatchell... FF flip

Greg Smith, getting his film on!

Jeff Pang throwing out product to the masses

Lee Obrien!, Why so serious?

Louie Lopez must be one of the nicest kids around. He kept stopping and to provide grueling fan's with the much coveted autograph.

Serious Ass Kicking time!

The rail that is!

Ray thought the front feeb's was dope!

Now this guy can shoot! I think this must be what Canon meant by Powershot!

Big Ass Ollie, David Reyes divvies it up!

The instructor, sensei, teacher! 

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