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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Habitat at the Gardener Pool, by Shoko Guizzetti

We met up with the Habitat guys at the Zumiez Couch tour. I was so busy chatting up old friends that Shoko decided to shoot photos to archive the visit. I dropped my G12 in her hands and this is what she captured.

                                          Couch Tours are pretty popular!

Adam raided the Zumiez tour bus and came out on top!

Brennan Conroy, Joe Brooks, Eric Guizzetti, Silas Baxter-Neal.

SkateJawn Crail!

Daryl Angel was impressed.

Joe Brook getting some video!

Gardener Pool

Posse was in effect!

Silas Slashing

Silas FS

 Silas Front Side 5.0 slasher. See more in upcoming Team Toe Edit

Thug Life! Eric Guizzetti & Joe Brooks!

Thanks to Shoko for pictures and video! Thanks to Zumiez for picking up the Tab! Peace out!

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