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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Red Bull Manual Mania- NYC 2012- Day One!

Redbull Manual Mania, NYC 2012- Day One

Hirosumi Sano showing his love for NY Skateboarding !!!

Jefferson Pang of DC shoes was one of the two announcers that day.

and Dave Ortiz of Daves Wearhouse was the other.

Josh Stewart was in the house...

Chris Nieratko showed me one of his 5 famous poses. Check Chris out at NJ Skateshop or in the Skateboard Mag or King Shit Magazine for funny interviews.

The Official RED BULL judges!!!

Joey Brezinski Inward varial heelflip manual Healflip shuvit out....

Sewa Kroetkov from Holland Hard Flip Nose Wheelie Nollie Flip out...

Jermias Delgado Switch Nose Manual FS Half Cab out

Douwe Macare Fakie Flip SW/Manual SW/180 out

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