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Monday, August 13, 2012

August weekend w/Sano Hirosumi, 5boro, Stereo Skateboards and NJ Skateshop!

I picked up Sano Hirosumi Saturday morning at the new LES Skatepark in NYC. We shot a quick sequence before bouncing to the 5boro contest. Info on the LES skatepark here.

Hiro enjoying some good ole American Pizza courtesy of 5boro, Volcom and Homage Skateshop.

5boro AM Jordan Trahan popping a lofty ollie over the garbage can into the bank while Shoko N. Guizzetti watching comfortably from her camping chair!!! Check out Jordan Trahan's TSW check out here.

Danny Falla, 5boro Pro Flip-Kick Nose-Wheelie

Big time bummer that the lazy photographer forgot to bring extra camera batteries and his camera died 1/2 way threw shooting photos. A super blown sequence by me, but this kid popped it so nice I had to put it up.

5boro & Homage Skateshop bought out the Ice Cream Lady for all!

Shoko enjoying the skate jam!

NJ Skateshop Owners Chris and Steve hanging out at the Stereo Skateboards demo

Jason Lee signing autographs

Chris Pastras handing out poster for kids to get signed.

Kyle Leeper looking very model like with the Stereo sunglass and Tshirt combo

Tony Karr B-side air to tail.

Sully the Stereo TM guy!

Christian Maalouf

Christian Maalouf backside noseblunt

Raymond Mulinar with Ginger "the Ninja" Guizzetti... Check out Raymonds blog here..

Clint Peterson 540 ollie ballerina spin for the win!

Clint Peterson exhausted from the heat of trial and error.

Hiro planting some Toebock Stickers. Get yours here

Sano Hirosumi blunt fakie, Edison Skatepark after session

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