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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dekline & Friends in Oceanside, Hosted by Grandeur skateshop

Dekline Footwear and Granduer Skateshop put together a demo at Melba Bishop Skatepark in Oceanside CA. I just happened to be in the area so I stopped by and took some quick photos.
Frontside Nosegrind skateboarding
Dokato Servoids long time homie, Anthony Pshebelski, ripping Kickflip FS nosegrinds

Chad Tim Tim

Chris Gregson FS flip

Chris Gregson Boneless

Nick Merlino FS flip

Playing with color tones. Back Healflip 180 Nick Merlino

Ryan Spencer Frontside 180 fakie 5.0

Ryan Spencer- SW backside flip

Taylor Kirby- Deathwish Skateboards

Not sure what this is, but its dope!

Over rotated backside Nollie flip

The man behind the scenes! Big Boss Mike Sinclair

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