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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Erin Chack Graduation Party!

With no time to edit in photoshop, here is a quick glimpse of the fun that went down at Erin Chack's Grad Party. 

 Shoko Guizzetti- Frontside 5-0
 Always the man to Please, Luca Sumberac, back smith
 Luca leaned way back in backside rock-n-roll
 Jordan blunts to fakie all the way to flat!!! seriously!!!
 Luc-Dog back D
 Jordan blazing a backside 5.0 to fakie
 no one slashes up the ramp as much as Miss Joy Mee
 Another quickie by Jordan

 Sean Collelo Frontide 5.0
 Sean Frontside smith
 Big Luc

 Big Luc, backside overcrook!
Collelo charging in Photo-fun!

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