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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last days of SD...

A few photos from my last day's in San Diego. 

Paul Sewell, rocking a steezy Entree Life Style sweatshirt at the Sunset Cliff's in SAn Diego, CA...

Heel-Flip over the Sunset Cliff's Hydrant pre flight to Kansas Toebock House.

Ginger and Gomez riding tuff in the Kia Soul

Sausage Skateboards Ryan Gomez lip slide transfers Sequence in SD. 

All American nice guy Georgie Tsushima getting ready to head east to the Kansas Toebock house.

Georgie Tsushima nollie inward heel-flip in San Diego, CA.

Like my Mom always say's, "Can't be about skateboarding all the time"... ah ha...


  1. Hello, this is Rich from The Skaters Cafe (bigeasyrichie). I saw your blogspot post and followed your link, so here I am...Haah!

    Nice blog! I have a couple of blogs as well. I have one here at blogger and thought hey maybe we could follow each others blogs. I mainly use my Wordpress Blog, but then there's Tumblr too where I have a couple...LOL!

    How was San Diego. That is my home state and too bad we didn't know each other I could of taken you to Ripon skate park or some of the many famous spots here.

    Anyway take care, nice meeting you online.



  2. Hey! I came here from The Cafe as well.

    Nice blog bro! There are some creative photos above. I really like the photo of the ollie over the hydrant. Great colors and light. What flash setup were you using?

    BTW I also have a blog. Hit me up and maybe we can do a couple guest posts if your game.