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Friday, May 14, 2010

Thrasher Skate Rock comes to Autumn, NYC

Sick Coverage by Michael Burnett of Thrasher Skate Rock Tour. I even got in (2) photos myself... High lights include Joel Meinholtz doing every trick, Justin Strubing going 100 Miles an hours,  Luca Somberac posing with Phelps, Shoko-Puff Rock Fakie photos, Owen Jones front side Nosegrind over the hump in the bowl, Ian McMartin's Mini ramp dustruction, Tony T's Front Side flip and Tony T's getting the micro phone duct taped to his head; plus insane  Metal madness with mosh pit included! As always, big thanks to the Autumn Crew for letting this go down! Thanks to Thrasher for making the journey and thanks to fellow skaters for shredding!

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